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C Letter TV: Lee Daniels' "Star" is Shining

When I first heard about Lee Daniel’s “Star” I was ambivalent. Like millions of other American’s I regularly tune into “Empire” and a range of ratchet reality shows to get my guilty pleasures so I didn’t feel Iike I needed yet another source of mental junk food. Then I got invited to the screening. Hosted by Gia Peppers and featuring a showcase put together by ASCAP the event was a wonderful production but all anyone could talk about was the show. As someone who has gone to their fair share of “industry” parties I can tell you that this is special. In a crowd that is particularly hard to entertain Star shocked and sizzled and by the end of the night the consensus was clear- it was a hit.

The show follows a girl group brought together by talent and technology who embark on the adventure of trying to land in front of “Jay Z, Future” or even “50’s tired ass” so that they can fufill their dream of making music that feeds their souls. On the way they encounter crime, strip clubs, and a cast of characters that will keep even the most die-hard “Empire” fan sitting on the edge of their seat.

Like most of Daniel’s work “Star” heavily features social themes including class, race, religion, and the failures of the foster care system. This time he broadened his message by highlighting the amount of violence experienced by those in the transgender community. The comedy isn’t overshadowed by the consciousness because as well know medicine tastes better with a spoonful of sugar.

Give “Star” a chance while you’re sitting home nursing your maxed out credit cards. It might just surprise you.

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