• Keyaira Boone

3 Reasons You Need To See Hidden Figures Today!

Recently I was given the opportunity to see a screening of "Hidden Figures" as a guest of Essence magazine thanks to the power of the plus one! I had been looking forward to learning about three black women who were making history at a time where we weren't expected to make much else than dinner and I was not disappointed! Check out three reasons why you won't be either below.

1. The Acting is Superb

Taraji tones down the bravado while portraying Katherine Johnson but she is as capable and confident as ever. Seeing her play a demure widowed mother of two who was more sensible than sassy blew me away. The nuances in her performance reminded me just how far our girl has come from her breakout role as Yvette in "Baby Boy.

Janelle Monae on the other hand was all bravado as Mary Jackson and I was here for it! Her character had the receipts to back up her boldness and when she got told to stop complaining she strolled on down to the courthouse to change the world.

Octavia Spencer, as Dorothy Vaughn, was every one of us on April 15th when after being forced to steal a book from the white section of the library she told her son “I pay taxes. You can't steal something that's already yours.”Amen.

2) It's Kid Friendly

I loved Ava Duvernay’s “Selma”but while it opened my eyes it also dried them out from crying at the very real struggles of the civil rights movement. "Hidden Figures" serves up an equally powerful message with a bit more revelry.

3) It Features Black Love

One of the many things that makes this film extraordinary is it's heroines win at home as well as on the job. Their children, husbands, and suitors show them affection as well as respect, something that is sorely lacking in today's media.

Make sure you go see "Hidden Figures" this holiday season! And check out the film's stars slaying on the cover of next month's Essence!