• Keyaira Boone

C Letter Scene: #TakeCareofNewark Feeds 800

Recently the grassroots organization #TakeCareofNewark held their 2nd Annual “Feed 500” event. The service event which is spearheaded by Quentin Garbs and Chef Alexia Grant is intended to provide an opportunity for people of all ages to give back to the growing community of Newark, New Jersey. Together volunteers assembled brown paper bags containing sandwiches, fruits, waters and snacks to distribute to those in need of meal. The event was held in coordination with #TakeCareofHarlem the original faction of the “Take Care” movement which has spread through the tri-state area and can now be found everywhere from the Bronx to Camden.

Kells Barnet, who founded this extraordinary movement, was on the scene helping out on Halsey street with the rest of the volunteers. Everyone was welcome from a group of 9th graders to the city’s mayor who stopped by to lend his support to the effort.

Once the brown bags were numbered and the initial sandwiches were distributed additional volunteers stayed behind to keep the project going including LoveBrownSugar’s Christina Brown, Love & Hip Hop New York’s Sky Landish and a particularly adorable group of 9th graders who enjoyed getting in “formation” while listening to Beyonce’ as they prepared peanut butter sandwiches at the Artisian Collective. The art gallery, who carries works from local artists, was gracious enough to donate their space on a day they are usually closed.

#TakeCareofNewark exceeded its goal by providing 816 meals and a countless number of smiles. Be sure to be on the lookout for their upcoming events in 2017!